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A New Kind of Call and Response

The bucolic backdrop of Newaygo County, Michigan, looks like a living, breathing postcard. More than 350 miles of waterways glisten with natural splendor, and trees topped with vibrant, jewel-colored leaves Read Story

The Risk of Not Taking Risks

The word risk can have negative connotations. It implies the potential for danger and loss. But Lisa Tessarowicz doesn’t look at it that way. “Risk is doing things you’re uncomfortable Read Story

Relationships That Run Deep

Sasha Rabsey woke up unusually early on a Tuesday morning when her dog barked out of the blue. Still bleary-eyed, she logged onto email to check in with her grant Read Story

Nimble Champions for Children

On a balmy Monday afternoon in May, Denise Mayotte sat in her office anticipating good news. “It’s a big day here in Minnesota, because our legislature is due to wrap Read Story