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Taking a Systems Change Approach

The Melville Charitable Trust has been funding in the area of homelessness for nearly 25 years, with a primary focus on Connecticut and on national policy. When its new executive Read Story

Passion With Purpose

At the Bigglesworth Family Foundation in San Francisco, legal services have been a passion and priority since day one. “Legal services provide the best tool to reduce poverty, and everyone Read Story

Taking Purposeful Steps to See Results

Twenty-eight years ago, Patrick (Pat) DeMoon, co-founder of the Kara Foundation in Las Vegas, thought philanthropy was little more than writing a check and waiting for a warm and fuzzy thank Read Story

Want Change? Bring Changemakers to the Table

You could say that Ann Lovell has centered her philanthropic career around collaborating and convening people. It’s the act of coming together with others—and supporting others to do the same—that Read Story

Powerful Personal Connections

Amy Liebman Rapp is no stranger to loss. “As a teen, I saw firsthand how loss affects families—how the loss of one person can cause a whole family to fall Read Story

Making the Early Grant, and Often the First

John Richardson never considered himself an environmentalist. Yet he spent earlier decades traveling for the United Nations, investigating some of the world’s most complex humanitarian relief operations. He has seen Read Story

Small Steps Toward Big Change

Bill Young isn’t new to humanitarian work. He’s been doing it for several decades, including 14 visits to Vietnam and 16 trips to Myanmar (Burma), where he participated in projects Read Story