Outsized Impact

A collection of stories to illustrate the power of philanthropy practiced with few or no staff

When philanthropists are at work, it is often their potential to bestow grants that draws our attention. Yet we know that many foundations, philanthropic families, and individual donors are quietly practicing a kind of philanthropy that counts money as just one resource.

These funders are achieving outsized impact—impact far beyond the size of their dollars or time—and via an entirely different kind of changemaking.

They have converted their giving from simply reviewing proposals and funding individual nonprofits to something more far-reaching and transformational.

We want to shine a light on their style of philanthropy and the mindset of their leaders. Their success shows us that money is only the beginning.

Stories From Our Member Community

Combining Mission, Purpose, and Impact

Jennifer Astone is leading her small-staffed foundation to move its assets in strategic ways and documenting the journey for peers. From 2013–2018, under Jen’s leadership as executive director, Swift Foundation ...

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What Is Possible, What Is Preferred

Katherine Zavala sees, senses, and responds to what is possible and what is preferred by her grantee partners. Katherine has spent the vast majority of her career at Thousand Currents, ...

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Bridge Funding to Sustain Pediatric Research

The Charles H. Hood Foundation, a family foundation focused on enhancing the lives of children through pediatric research and innovation, recently announced bridge funding for three pediatric research projects in ...

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Stories From Our Partner Community

How our partner organizations are lending their expertise to help our member community achieve outsized impact

Exponent Philanthropy’s Impact Overview

At Exponent Philanthropy, we empower philanthropists to leverage their resources and amplify their impact. We celebrate the power of individual, family, and small-staffed foundation donors.

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This year, Exponent Philanthropy members gave approximately

$3.8 billion

to their local communities and
across the globe.

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2,000 members
from all 50 states

support a wide range of issues.

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With few or no staff, Exponent Philanthropy members steward assets of all sizes:

$1M to
over $50M