Gaining Ground Through Grants Management Technology

The Obici Healthcare Foundation strives to improve the health status of those in its service area (Suffolk, VA and surrounding communities in the previous service area of the Louise Obici Memorial Hospital) by responding to the medical needs of the indigent and uninsured and by supporting programs that have the primary purpose of preventing illness and disease.

This is in keeping with Amedeo Obici’s concern for local citizens, which was best illustrated by his decision to build a hospital as a lasting memorial to his wife, Louise, after her death in 1938.

“We can push ourselves and our partners to keep getting better every time with every program and every opportunity to make a difference.”

The Obici Healthcare Foundation funds many health-centered programs and projects that hinge on the mindset that each life saved or improved is a community victory.

It’s no small feat to provide well-received and meaningful programs in a community, and the Obici Healthcare Foundation knows that one ingredient for success is collaboration with a variety of effective grantee partners. This collaborative spirit is centered on the idea of establishing a shared vision for outcomes from the start of a grant. “Focusing on outcomes has had an impact on everything we do,” said then grants manager Cathy Huband, “and we believe this has helped our grantee partners to be even stronger as they approach their own work. We can help refine ideas with our grantees so we’re all going down the right path.”

The Obici Healthcare Foundation recognizes the power of technology to foster that close collaboration with grantees and support the achievement of the outcomes they seek in their community. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a more enthusiastic user of grants management technology than Huband:

Technology absolutely helps us make a bigger difference in our community. Blackbaud Grantmaking keeps our grantmaking process streamlined, and it gives us a platform for incredible collaboration with our grantee partners. I love working in the system and continually expanding what it can do. With Blackbaud Grantmaking supporting our work, we can push ourselves and our partners to keep getting better every time with every program and every opportunity to make a difference.

This idea of taking every opportunity to make improvements and achieve positive outcomes is at the center of the Obici Healthcare Foundation’s personal, sustainable approach to what it means to enhance the health of its community. That mission is evident every time a new family is supported, a person accesses services to manage a chronic disease, and a life is saved.

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