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Spending Up Now, Not Later

The Quixote Foundation gave away its entire endowment. June Wilson will never forget her job interview for director of operations at the foundation, where she is now executive director. It was December Read Story

Reinventing Risk Management

Emergencies never wait for a convenient time. Maya Winkelstein, executive director of the donor advised fund Open Road Alliance, believes funders should support nonprofits in the day-to-day, and also help Read Story

Networks Move the Needle

If you invite Melissa Jones to a meeting, she’ll say all the things other people are afraid to say out loud. “People know I’ll rabble-rouse,” she says. Jones is an Read Story

Reclaiming Hope in Houston

In Houston, the largest city in Texas, the atrocity of human trafficking is hiding in plain sight. The Department of Justice estimates that 25% of trafficked victims pass through Houston Read Story

Small Steps Toward Big Change

Bill Young isn’t new to humanitarian work. He’s been doing it for several decades, including 14 visits to Vietnam and 16 trips to Myanmar (Burma), where he participated in projects Read Story